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PRICE - change from 01/03/2024


The price for a 30 min treatment:

- is 35 EUR until 29/02/2024,

- will be 38 EUR from 01/03/2024.

The price for a 60 min treatment:

- is 70 EUR until 29/02/2024,

- will be 76 EUR from 01/03/2024.

The price for a 90 min treatment:

- is 105 EUR until 29/02/2024,

- will be 114 EUR from 01/03/2024.



My name is Klaudia. I obtained a master degree in physiotherapy at the Lodz Medical University in Poland and I keep learning new techniques to help my patients in a holistic and approachable way.



BRUXISM - a condition where people grind and clunch their teeth during the day and/or night.

If you have bruxism, you might experience tension and pain in your jaw, neck and head region.

NECK & BACK PAIN - before the visit try to notice when your pain is appearing, what activities are agrevating or relieving it. What is the scale of your pain and where is it located? Does it radiate anywhere? Is it limiting your range of motion?

TENSION HEADACHES - stress, bad posture, tension around the neck and shoulders, fatigue, lack of physical activity or of sleep can cause a dull pain, often described as a feeling of tightness or pressure around your head.


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - partial- or full-body massage with firm pressure on trigger points - sensitive areas ('knots') appearing in muscles or fasciae.

SPORTS MASSAGE - partial- or full-body, massage in which strong techniques are used to relieve tension coming from intense physical activity.

KOBIDO FACIAL LIFTING MASSAGE - Japanese massage technique designed to rejuvenate the skin, work on facial muscles, décolleté, neck, head and shoulders.

Klaudia Piasecka

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